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The best ventilation equipment available right now!
     Regardless of the type of indoor setup you have, ventilation will be an important part of your home grow. Ventilation systems help remove excess heat, they exchange air in your grow space so that your plants can enjoy fresh air, they help regulate humidity, and they control the strong odors that come from your plants - especially during the flowering stage of growth. Ventilation is a vital portion of your home grow and should not be overlooked.
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     As always with Best Home Grow, all items are sold through Amazon. So you will click the item, add to cart, and then come back to shop for more grow equipment.  We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.
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A ventilation system hung inside of a 4'x4' grow tent.

Components of a Ventilation System

     A typical ventilation system will include a carbon filter, an inline fan, and some ventilation ducting to connect all of the parts. You will notice there are rectangle openings around the bottom of your grow tent, these are called intake vents. They are considered passive if you are not actively forcing the air through them with a fan. When your ventilation system is hooked up and turned on, cooler, ambient air will enter your grow tent through these intake vents. As the air warms, it will rise (this is a good reason to mount your carbon filter higher in your grow tent rather than lower). It will then pass through the pre-filter and carbon filter, then across your HID light to cool it off (if you have equipped your grow tent with one and a cool tube reflector or air cooled hood). After this, it will pass through the inline fan which is what is pulling the air through all of the parts, and it will then be exhausted out of the grow tent. It is best to exhaust this warm air to the outside using a window, or to another room. Simply exhausting the grow environment's air into the same room the grow tent is in will not suffice. It will only end up recycling that warm air right back into your grow tent!
     The most common sizes (in diameter) for ventilation equipment are 4", 6", and 8". It will make life a lot easier for you if you purchase your equipment all in the same size. 6" is typically the most common size used in home cultivation, but you may find that your needs vary.
Carbon Filter

The carbon filter can be used as either an intake filter or an exhaust filter

Carbon Filter

     Carbon filters work by pulling air over a bed of activated carbon, which cleans, or 'scrubs' the air free of contaminants. As this process takes place, odors are removed from the air. This means that if you equip your grow tent with a carbon filter, the air that later gets exhausted will not have a troublesome smell that could potentially raise unwanted attention to your grow. Carbon filters are completely optional. If you don't need to clean the stinky air exhausting from your grow environment, then you don't need a carbon filter.
     Many carbon filters also come equipped with pre-filters. Pre-filters are sleeves that go over the outside of your carbon filter. They are important because they remove particles like dust before the air enters the carbon filter. These pre-filter sleeves prolong the life of not just your carbon filter, but your inline fan and other equipment as well so you should keep them installed. This is also why you should pull your air through your carbon filter rather than push it. Sucking the air through the carbon filter ensures that the pre-filter will work properly. Your carbon filter should be placed somewhere inside your grow tent. Many filters come with straps to hang your carbon filter from the ceiling of your grow tent frame. 

Apollo Horticulture 4” Premium Carbon Charcoal Air Filter Scrubber

     This Apollo Horticulture 4-inch carbon filter is a great choice if your setup is on the small size. Its dimensions: 8" x 13.75" with a 4" flange to connect your ducting. This carbon filter maxes out at 200CFM. When connected to a 4-inch inline fan in a small tent, this carbon filter will make sure the air coming out of your tent smells fresh and clean. This carbon filter has a 50mm thick layer of carbon, and also comes with a pre-filter.
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iPower 4" Air Carbon Filter and Odor Control

     Another option for a 4-inch carbon filter is the iPower GLFILT4M. This iPower carbon filter also comes equipped with a reversible base and flange. This can increase the life of your carbon filter by changing which side of the filter the air enters. When many filters are used, only the top portion of carbon sometimes gets utilized. The reversible flange and filter solves this problem by allowing you to switch which part of the carbon gets used. This will allow you to use all of the carbon in the filter and prolongs the life of your carbon filter.
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VIVOSUN 6" Air Carbon Filter Odor Control

     The 6-inch carbon filter offered by VIVOSUN is a highly-reviewed, excellent choice when it comes to 6-inch carbon filters. It has an inner and outer mesh that provides a 53% open air which means increased air flow. It comes with a velcro pre-filter and also includes the filter belts/straps to support the carbon filter inside the grow tent.

     Like the smaller iPower carbon filter, this VIVOSUN 6-inch carbon filter also comes equipped with a reversible base and flange. When trying to prolong the life of your filter, having one that is reversible will surely help.
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Apollo Horticulture 6” Inch Premium Carbon Charcoal Air Filter Scrubber

     Apollo Horticulture's 6-inch carbon filter measures 9.75"x21.50" and has a 6" flange to attach your 6" flexible ducting. Like its smaller version, this filter has a 50mm thick layer of carbon. This filter has a CFM rating of 450. The package includes both the filter, and pre-filter.
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CoolGrows 8 inch Air Carbon Filter

     If you're running a larger or more powerful setup for your home grow, you might require an 8-inch carbon filter. This 8" carbon filter from CoolGrows is a great choice for such a setup. It is reversible, like some of the other filters available and also comes with a pre-filter. Its dimensions are 8" x 20" not including the flange
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VIVOSUN 8" Air Carbon Filter Odor Control

     The VIVOSUN 8-inch carbon filter is 8"x20" (not including the flange). It comes with a changeable velcro pre-filter and carbon filter belts/straps for support. The flange and base are removable and reversible which allows you to extend the life of your filter and saves you some money in the long run.
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Inline Fan

Inline Fan

     Inline fans are fans that are specifically designed to be connected to ventilation ducting. They are also sometimes called duct fans. Inline fans are rated by CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). At an absolute minimum, your fan needs to exchange the air in your grow space once every three minutes. If you have a 4'x8'x8' grow tent, your grow tent's volume would be 256 cubic feet. Cycling the air once every three minutes means your fan needs to be at least rated for 86CFM (256/3). Unfortunately, this calculation doesn't account for additional equipment that your fan must deal with such as lights, carbon filters, the length of the ducting that the air must travel, and the ambient temperature and humidity of the location of your grow room (very warm and/or very humid climates typically need more air exchange capability).
     Because of this, one way to make the calculation (being on the safe side) is to assume you'd like to exchange the air in your tent once every minute. For a 4'x8'x8' tent, this would mean your absolute minimum CFM would be 256. The best way to go about selecting a fan is to look for one with a higher CFM rating than you require, and then either purchase one that comes with a variable speed controller, or purchase a variable speed controller separately. Using a variable speed controller will allow you to turn the inline fan speed up (but not past the inline fan's maximum CFM) or down so you can find the setting that works best to stable your grow tent's environment. Variable speed controllers work by plugging your inline fan's power cord into them, and then adjusting your speed using the controller. Your inline fan may be placed inside or outside of your grow tent, but take note that placing it inside your tent can significantly reduce the amount of noise that comes from your grow tent if that concerns you. It also makes it relatively simple to mount by using rope ratchet light hangers and suspending it from the ceiling of your grow tent's frame.

Cleaning tip to help your inline fan live a longer life.

     The more power your inline fan has, the more flexibility you have with regulating temperature and humidity. Typically, the higher the fan speed, the lower the temperature and humidity will be within your grow tent.
4" fan

Apollo Horticulture 4” Inch 190 CFM Inline Duct Fan with Built In Variable Speed Controller

     When you have a smaller setup and want to use a 4" inline fan, but still want a powerful, reliable model, look no further than this 190CFM Apollo Horticultre 4-inch inline fan. It features a built-in variable speed controller so there is no need to purchase one separately. It also includes a mounting bracket.
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iPower 4" 190CFM Inline Ducting Fan

     This iPower 4-inch inline fan's noise level is below 50dB, meaning it's a relatively quiet fan. It is ceramic-coated and has composite fan blades and center hub to further reduce noise and vibration. This unit also moves air at 190CFM, but it does not include a variable speed controller.
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6" fan

Hyper Fan Digital Mixed Flow Fan - 6 Inch - 315 CFM

     Hyper Fan has a 6" fan that is the highest CFM's per watt of any fan in the industry. The inline fan includes a detachable, fully-adjustable speed control. The 6" Hyper Fan also has the lowest power consumption when comparing to other 6" inline fans on the market. This is a good fan for small or medium setups (you would likely want to turn down the fan speed in smaller setups, depending on your situation). 
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VenTech VT IF-6-B Inline Exhaust Blower Fan with Variable Speed Controller, 440 CFM, 6"

     This VenTech 6-inch inline fan is a bit more powerful than the Apollo Horticulture 6-inch inline fan, as it is rated at 440CFM. This inline fan from VenTech doesn't come with its variable speed controller built in, but this package includes a VenTech speed controller in the bundle.
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8" fan

VIVOSUN 8 Inch 740 CFM Duct Inline Fan with Variable Speed Controller

     Home cultivators looking for a strong option in the 8-inch inline fan category would do well to pick up this VIVOSUN inline duct fan. At 740 CFM, it is quite powerful while also still being affordable. The variable speed controller on this unit is built into the power cord. When ordering this fan, you will also receive a mounting bracket to easily mount your inline fan in your grow tent.
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Hyper Fan Digital Mixed Flow Fan - 8 Inch - 710 CFM

     The Hyper Fan 8-inch inline fan moves a whopping 710CFM. Hyper Fan's develop higher static pressures and higher airflows than any other line fan on the market today. Every fan includes a detachable, fully-adjustable speed control. 
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     Ventilation ducting and clamps connect your ventilation system together. The most common ventilation ducting used is made of flexible aluminum. Clamps are then used to tighten the flexible duct to your carbon filter, inline fan, and grow light (if using an HID lighting air-cooled system).

     Always make sure you have more duct than you think is necessary. It is possible you will need to change the setup of your ventilation system, and flexible aluminum can tear easily if cut. You may also need to cut larger pieces down to smaller sizes, because of this, having some extra clamps can be very helpful and can save you some frustration.

iPower Non-Insulated Ducting Aluminum Foil Vent with 2 Clamps

     iPower makes 4", 6", and 8" ducting. The 4-Inch flexible aluminum ducting is 8-feet long in length while the 6" is 16-feet long and 8" ducting is 25-feet long. Also included are 2 clamps for securing the ducting to the other ventilation system components.
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4" ducting
6" ducting
8" ducting
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