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Top 10 Best LED Grow Lights To Buy In 2017

If you're new to growing indoors, choosing a grow light can be a daunting task. Many growers are now buying LED grow lights since they are more efficient, smaller, and produce less heat. Sure, you'll spend a few dollars more on a LED grow light vs a HID grow light but it's certainly worth every penny in the long run.

"But what LED grow light should I get for my grow area?"

You need to know what grow area you will be growing your plants in. After you know that, you can then find a LED grow light to buy. Simply measure the length, width, and height of the space you plan to grow your plants in. If you have a grow tent, even better! We listed the LED grow lights below by grow area and those areas are the most popular grow tent sizes.

I've researched, reviewed, and have tested many of the LED grow lights on the market today. Below is what I think are the best LED grow lights of 2017. There is a mix between beginner grow lights, intermediate grow lights, and advanced grow lights. Also, I did not rank the lights. You should be the judge of the best grow light for your grow area. Lastly, I narrowed this list down to only grow lights sold on Amazon. Let's face it, you cannot beat Amazon's shipping so all the LED grow lights included below are sold through Amazon. Click the links to learn more about the products.


2'x4' Grow Tent or Grow Area


3'x3' Grow Tent or Grow Area


4'x4' Grow Tent or Grow Area


5'x5' Grow Tent or Grow Area


4'x8' Grow Tent or Grow Area


Have questions? Comment below and we'll help if we can!

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